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What happens at the police station is often more important than what occurs in the courtroom in terms of determining the outcome of a case. Most cases are won or lost at the police station. Confessions, sometimes false, are obtained from suspects, evidence is gathered, deals are done, and decisions are made which will inevitably influence the course of subsequent events. Accordingly it is vital to instruct an experienced lawyer from the outset. 

In any sizeable criminal investigation there are likely to be many interviews. These may stretch over several hours and cover all conceivable issues in the case. There will often be teams of interviewing officers, working in a number of different police station custody suites, but all co-ordinated by the Senior Investigating Officer and the CID team. They will be sharing information and disclosing only what they really need to. Often they will try to catch suspects out by asking them questions which if answered in particular ways will be inconsistent with the evidence they possess. Suspects in different police stations can be interviewed simultaneously, without any knowledge of what other suspects are saying until the police question them about it. 

If you are arrested ask for Woods Solicitors  and get one of our Solicitor team on your side. 


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We have the following teams available to deal with your case:

  • Police Station Teams who are at Police Stations across Yorkshire and nationwide.
  • Magistrates Court Teams who cover all Magistrates and Youth Courts in the Pontefract & surrounding areas on a daily basis.
  • Crown Court Teams  who prepare cases to be dealt with before a Judge and Jury. We have Barristers and Higher Rights Advocates who represent our clients at these courts together with Counsel from the main criminal chambers. We deal with Crown Court cases throughout the United Kingdom.


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