Magistrates Courts

Our specialist Magistrates Court Team has vast experience in the full range of cases heard in magistrates’ courts. We will guide you through the process, advising you on your options and providing you with the best representation at court. We will advise you on whether or not you have a defence to the charges you face, and obtain details of the prosecution case in advance of your first appearance at court.

Woods Solicitors has successfully defended clients across the full array of criminal law matters, including offences such as:

road traffic offences

• domestic violence 

theft/handling stolen goods


• public order offices

drink driving

• harassment

• assaults

drugs offences

• anti social behaviour orders (ASBOs)

• dangerous dogs

• breach of court orders

• possession of weapons

• criminal damage

• drunk and disorderly

• taxi touting

• taking a vehicle without consent (TWOC)

We are able to undertake all matters, and will advise you on the most suitable form of funding.​

If you plead not guilty​

We will work closely with you to ensure that your case is properly prepared for trial so that your case is presented in the best possible light. 

We will analyse the prosecution case against you and, where necessary, instruct experts on your behalf.

We will inform you and any defence witnesses you may have about the court process and what to expect. 

If you plead guilty​

We will help you prepare for your sentence hearing and ensure that all mitigating circumstances are brought to the attention of the court.

We will present character evidence and negotiate an appropriate basis of plea on your behalf.

Whilst Woods Solicitors are based in Yorkshire, we can arrange for the very best  representation throughout the UK. 

We offer a 24 hour service to all our clients.


Additional Information

We have the following teams available to deal with your case:

  • Police Station Teams who are at Police Stations across Yorkshire and nationwide.
  • Magistrates Court Teams who cover all Magistrates and Youth Courts in the Pontefract & surrounding areas on a daily basis.
  • Crown Court Teams  who prepare cases to be dealt with before a Judge and Jury. We have Barristers and Higher Rights Advocates who represent our clients at these courts together with Counsel from the main criminal chambers. We deal with Crown Court cases throughout the United Kingdom.


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